Help with the 'cashback' scheme

    Hello guys... simple me asking for help again

    I am looking to get sky in the next couple of months.

    But I am aware that sky are usually part of a cash-back scheme through quidco or whatever.

    However, I have no idea how you do it. Which site do you take the offer through, what about the tracking and the actual 'cash-back' receipt.

    If anyone would care to talk me through it, I'd be more than grateful thank you.


    Easy steps:

    1. Sign up to Quidco.
    2. Log in to Quidco.
    3. Search (within the Quidco site) for 'Sky'.
    4. Click on the link, which will take you through to Sky's site.
    5. Register for Sky.
    6. Sit back an wait for the money to come in to your Quidco account.

    BEWARE! Sky have a habit of phoning you and telling you that there is a problem with the online application & ask you to repeat some details over the phone. They then refuse to pay the cashback saying that the application wasn't completed online & therefore isn't eligible for cashback.

    Remember to clear ALL your cookies before you use a cashback site. I use quidco but others prefer topcashback, just register with them first ( email address and password) and just use the cashback sites link. If the purchase does not track you would need to put a claim in via the cashback site, its easy.:D


    use TCB as far more reliable (assuming cashback is same amount of course) and no annual rip-off fee
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