****Help with the Dell S2409******

    Hiya, ive just bought the Dell S2409, and im wondering if it will play the ancient game of age of empires 2: the conquerors.
    The highest internal game res settings are 1200x800,
    my system is top of the range gaming
    quad 9550
    Gtx 280
    P5Q (p45 chipset)
    4gb (4x1gb) dominator ram 1066

    if it wont play on the monitor even letterboxed. is there any way to force it to play?



    should work with program compatability wizard


    think thats its name, its in windows somewhere and you can set comp to think it has old OS specs etc whilst running game :thumbsup:


    right click the program after its installed, then select compatibilty, and choose desired setting


    i think for xp its under applications

    It looks like it will play but you'll have to download some things and it looks to be a bit trail and error.…tml

    Alternatively, you could give up on II and move onto III which works with vista out the box.


    how did u get on?

    great game, one of the best rts games since TA,,
    you don't say what OS (windows) you are using, could be relevant, also size and type of monitor you are using will help
    keep on tryin, it will be worth it

    LCDs support non-native resolutions fine, they just don't look great if you stretch them to the full size. The monitor won't affect your ability to play the game in the slighest though.

    Hi, anyone manage to get the resolution of 1920x1080?
    I dont know why I cant get it for my laptop. The max I can get is 1280x800....
    I have already upadate to the newest intel driver.
    the laptop have a display of intel 965 x3100.... any one know how can I get the 1920x1080...


    I have already upadate to the newest intel driver.

    That may be your problem, intel graphics aren't great.

    You are trying to set the 1920x1080 resolution for your second monitor and not your laptop's built in screen right?

    not 100% on this but apparently it works for age of mythology which came out bout same time so may use the same engine but try editing the shortcut to the .exe file with the following parameters

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empire11\aoe2.exe" xres=1920 yres=1080

    just done that from memory so obviously if your install is a diff path, edit as necess
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