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Found 7th Oct 2007
Hi there, my daughter has this phone and we are trying to set it up so that when she gets music sent to her it automaticaly stores on the memory card and not the phone as the phone memory is full, can anyone help us with this, many thanks
fizzie xx
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ITS IN SETTINGS CHANGE it to mem card storage from phone storage

ITS IN SETTINGS CHANGE it to mem card storage from phone storage

thanks but what bit do i go into I can't see a bit in the settings that has that option, if anyone can guide me through it step by step that would be great thanks again xxx
how big is the mem card?

are u aware there are massive compatability issues with mem cards and the d900.....

try to reinserting the card and following the on screen prompts and formating it. should automatically sttore media on card from now on

look at-…e=3
let usknow how u get on
I didn't know there were issues, one memory card has become faulty and the new one stores the music however it only stores on the card once i transfer the music from phone to card (not automaticaly) This issue is with bluetoothed songs, photos and video's, (can't get the phone disk to download onto my computer and work for some reason so don't know what would happen with downloaded music)
thanks again and rep added to all, i'll have ago at the above and let you know what happens xxxxxxxxxxxx
My Sandisk 1gb and Kingston 1gb cards behave quite differently on my D900. The Sandisk one works perfectly.. the Kingston card is like a lottery.

Maybe it's not always the card controller's fault. I do know the varying firmware levels on the phone may make a difference. My firmware is D900JPFGB (enter *#1234# to see yours).
:oops:OK OK just done this and it's an E900 not a D900, will this change all the above advice, so so soooo very sorry,:oops:
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