help with this annoying noise

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Found 12th Dec 2007
my sony vaio makes this like highpitched whinning noise when it is plugged into its battery charger

and its really really annoying, ive bin on yahoo but thts about as helpful well it isnt helpful at all. any ideas please?

and yeah i can keep it charged up most of the time, but im gonna be using it in school and im sure itl **** my teacher off a bit


I'm using my sons sony vaio laptop at the moment and it is also making the same noise, never noticed it before , my daughter has the same laptop and hers has never done it. I dont have a clue but will get my son to check it out when he gets in:santa:

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: -) ok, thanks very much

Sorry, he didnt get in till late last night, will ask him tonight;-)
Although his hasnt done it today!

Deadduck, he said it has never happen when he has been on the laptop, but it is so strange because is made that loud whinning noise when I was on it yesterday, it was plugged in charging as it is now, but it hasnt done it again, so strange!!
How often does yours do it, maybe we should email sony and ask them about it?

I get it with my Dell 1501 when I have the screen brightness down from full. I believe it's something to do with the backlight

I get it with my toughbook too, its just the transformer humming as it does its thing!

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it does it all the time if it isnt on charge

but when it is its silent

yeah, il try and email them. thanks

Its commonly known as CPU whine. Most notebooks make it when they go into a low power state apparantly. If your inside your warranty, get your laptops manufacturer to repalce the CPU and motherboard and hope it doesnt exisit after that. Its a flaw with many laptops that has been around for a few years now.

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oh right, ok il find the warrenty and do that then

thanks very much
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