Help with this phone please

    I am contemplating buying this phone below, can anyone tell me if they are any good and explain what the black box is for?
    Motorola Motolivn D802 Twin Digital Cordless Phone With HD Sound - Black - Eco Phone - Twin


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    Don't know if this helps!


    Product Description
    STYLISH DESIGNThe elegant range of MOTOLIVN D802 phones enables both style-conscious home owners or budding interior designers to incorporate the Motorola quality and sleek good looks they love into their unique living spaces. CLEVER DESIGNThe MOTOLIVN range provides ultimate flexibility in positioning the phone around the home. Where most cordless phones require the handset to be adjacent to the telephone socket, MOTOLIVN D802 incorporates a location-free base unit, enabling the telephone handsets to be positioned anywhere in the home there is a power socket.ECO SMART This clever function allows the MOTOLIVN intelligent base unit and handset to work together. Depending on the distance between them, they adjust the amount of power they use. Reduced power means MOTOLIVN is more efficient. Better for you (more chat time) and better for the environment (less carbon footprint). HIGH DEFINITION SOUNDTraditional cordless phones have never been celebrated for their exceptional clarity of sound, but MOTOLIVN is sure to be! It uses wideband High Definition Sound to enhance what you hear, for conversations that are clearly better. Now you can enjoy sounds that are rich and naturally life-like, and with improved bass sensation, MOTOLIVN offers perfect pitch on every call.With sleek style and easy to use Motorola functionality, this stunning line up of phones perfectly balances beauty with technology and with up to five handsets active at once, they can grace almost every room in the house.
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