Help with this wedding dress please

    My Sister In Law To Be has fallen in love with this wedding dress but the shop don't have her size. She is gutted.

    They only have it in the shop under a number/code but I wondered if any one had seen one elsewhere or knew who makes the dress so we can search for it. Obviously the shop wont tell you this info as they want you to think you can only get it from them.

    Long shot but thought i would try the Hot Dealers to see if any one could help.…d=1


    They should be able to order it or have another size altered to fit. Most dresses have to be changed. Good luck.

    do you know who the make/designer is? id ask them, your entitled to know what your buying, or if you ask them to send you a brochure of the other styles that are available by the same designer im sure they will.

    Simple, take the pic to a large wedding store/conncession and i guarantee they'll be a bit more generous and give you the details. They know their stuff and go to the same wedding dress stockists

    I've had a quick look and can't find it. I know it's not the same but I bought my dress though this website…tml and there are few similar ones.

    hi there

    dont mean to sound rude but what size is your sister in law to be??

    Original Poster

    She is a size 8! Nothing too unusual!

    Thanks for all these tips and advice. Rep added but still looking for the dress.

    can you ask them the designer of the dress ? or buy a bigger size and get a quality dressmaker to alter it
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