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Found 27th Feb 2010
I was searching to see if there were any good audio books I could download and I have come across lots of site called Torrentz which offer links to lots of downloads called torrents. I have vaguely heard of this but I don't know what they are or how they work. Are they legal? Which sites are good/safe (esp for audio books)? What does it mean when it gives you the choice of "download direct" or "dowload 10x faster" or "download via.." and what are seedres and leechers...???

Any help gratefully received!

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Torrent sites are file sharing sites and are at least 90% copied media I would say, therefore somewhat illegal.

They have access to afile on your pc and you have access to theirs to copy whatever is in there.

Seeders are people that are uploading, leechers are downloading shared files.

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Hmmm, thanks for the info. It sounds a bit too complicated and a bit too dodgy for me! Repped you all for the help!

BitTorrent is just a method for downloading files, it's no different from downloading stuff through a website or old fashioned FTP. Just check torrent websites the same way you'd check any other website offering files. Is it too good to be true? Are other files on there obviously pirated? Do they specifically say it's legal/illegal?

Seeders and peers are just parts of how the system works, if there are no seeds then you may not be able to get the file.
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