Help with tutoring 11 year old

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Found 16th Jul 2009
Son is going to be sitting a transfer test to get into his secondary education.
Does anyone have any tips on improving his vocabulary/english in a fun way.
Like a computer program - game, fun books etc.
Thanks for any input.

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we have a tutor for 1 hour a week - cost £20

im sorry i thought it said help with torturing 11 year old !!

but cant help with ur question sorry

Tutors are great ask at the school to see if they know of any reputatble teachers.

Also, I'd play games with them centred around english...

ryhming games, riddles, let them read read read read read x x x

Buy the 11+ Practice papers from WH Smith. You need to know whether he's taking verbal and/or non-verbal reasoning tests - depends on which county you live in. Make sure you get the right ones.

See how he does in these and if he's getting 80% + he should be fine. If not, then you need to consider getting a tutor. Ask around other parents for who's any good in your area!

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Thanks to all, he's scoring 70 to 80 percent in the practice tests.
Have managed to get his maths improved but not so easy tutoring his English.
Was hoping for some software that might help.
Thanks for all the good ideas.


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Thanks a million

Improving English is about improving their responses and understandings to sights, sounds, words, communication, social skills etc.

When you say something to your child, can he pay full attention and remember what you ask of him?

Attention and concentration is the first building block of a solid ability to communicate effectively.


im sorry i thought it said help with torturing 11 year old !!but cant … im sorry i thought it said help with torturing 11 year old !!but cant help with ur question sorry

+1 :oops: lol

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+1 :oops: lol

Guess it is a form of torture - lol
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