Help with TV purchase, PLEASE!!

    SONY Bravia KDL-40EX603 40" Full HD LED backlit TV or SONY BRAVIA KDL40EX503 40 inch LCD TV 1080p HD Ready Freeview HD ????

    Can't decide:

    40EX603 has LED Backlighting, 50Hz

    40EX503 has NO LED backlighting and has 100Hz



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    without looking at any of the other information of the set id say 100% the LED TV superior picture quality imo and there soo much sexier, 100hz is a waste of time for me aswell if you game or watch blu ray movies your better with the extra Hz turned off, its only beneficial to watching ball sports...

    ill research a little and see what i dig up…603

    ex603 gets 9.6/10 for picture quality.. only off five customer reviews though, ive just found out the EX603 is not full LED backlit only edge lit, which makes it kind of the hybrid between a real LED and LCD £658 from currys atm... ..

    EX503 gets 9.3/10 for picture quality out of 200 customer reviews which is really good, seems to be the more expensive Tv at £750-800

    as with most flat screen Tvs it seems the sound aint great from either of them so i defs look at getting a surround sound if you havnt allready

    they both have freeview HD which is handy if you dotn want any sky subscriptions.. the 603 will be a slightly slimmer mdoel which id like and for the money you save id go for it over the extra Hz as theyd be no use to me and like i say only of value for a bit less blur on a foot/tennisball, its worth understanding what the extra Hz actually means:

    basically when a 100hz Tv is dealing with a 50Hz signal it will interpolate and extra frame between the standard 50Hz frame rate, this is a made up frame between the two being recieved and processed by the TV,

    personally ive never sat down watching my old fat CRT and thought.. i need more frames!

    the EX603 is also more energy efficient scoring really well on this front and about 5kg lighter...
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