help with ugg boots???

im looking to buy my wife some ugg boots (the popular 1s all the women seem to have). However, i have heard of fakes being around.
Anyone know a good cheap website to get them from? Dont wana be the bad guy and get fakes or knock offs.

Help a useless man out


Hi there, I believe ASOS have got some good deals on UGG boots - in my opinion I think they are well over rated and prefer the EMU's instead, they have amazing deals on those at AMAZON - however if it's UGGS you are after check out ASOS, but be sure to check out the EMU's first!!!! Hope this helps.

[url]www.popularuggs.com[/url] got my girlfriend some for xmas



Both have good deals

or if you have big feet M & M direct have them mega cheap

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