Help with unauthorised emails being sent from hotmail account

    My brothr in law called husband to say that he has been getting weird emails from his account. husband isnt on the net that much so its a bit odd. checked his account and theres nowt in the sent box but other contacts have mailed him with a 'whats this'

    this is the email thats sent to all contacts (saw it in the reply one his mates sent back)

    Welcome to our site:
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    what to do?!

    gonna go check the website... please help... me is a bit fick when it cumz to fings like this innit!


    Ive received the same emails too, but hardly anyone has that email address they was sent to! It looks like someones hotmail account or more precisely messenger account has received a virus and is now sending these mails to all his contacts.

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    o ok.... changing password wont help then. anything u can do??

    thanks harlz


    o ok.... changing password wont help then. anything u can do??thanks harlz

    Uninstall messenger completely, run a virus checker, then run ad-aware se and spybot s&d preferably after restarting the pc in safe mode. Then re-install the latest messenger. ]Adaware and ]spybot are free

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    ooooooooo.... ok... ur clever!


    ooooooooo.... ok... ur clever!

    Nah not really just had to help friends out who's had the same problems!

    Yep a virus within MSN Messenger that does this!!

    Uninstall messnger and that should resolve the problem!! :thumbsup:

    Viruses are a :w00t:

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    thanks naeem u rock!
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