Help with Upgrading to the new Windows Live Messenger Please


    My daughter uses Windows Live Messenger and it is no longer possible to use the old version and it must be upgraded.

    However, our computer which is sluggish at the best of times will not open Outlook or Word with the new Live Messenger installed. I have restored the computer to an earlier setting and Outlook and Word both work fine but it has obviously taken off the new WLM.

    Can anyone tell me in VERY SIMPLE terms how to rectify this problem? I did try reinstalling WLM but the same problem happened again.


    new computer

    I know about this very problem, I just updated an old computer that was very slow, It took over 30 mins to install messenger but as it is not my computer i dont really care if it is slow, I know it was doing my head in.

    dont know if this will help or not, its just a link to download page:…tml

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    I also think that a new computer may be the answer, but would like to keep this one going for a little longer if I can.

    I have been downloading WLM directly from a Microsoft link that appears when we try to open the old version. It also took about a half hour each time to install. Will downloading it from one of the two links given above install the upgrade but without causing problems with Outlook and Word?
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