Posted 21st Jun 2021

On 23 May I agreed on a M100 Fibre Broadband 18 months with Virgin Media. The installation date was due on 4 June but they moved it to 18 June and then to 2 July.

They offered a temporary measure while I was waiting, but it never arrived. So I had to find ways to connect and work from home during the 4 weeks in between. When the installation date was moved once again to 2 July, I signed up with BT Broadband as they could provide a quick installation and a temporary measure in the meantime. BT told me that as they were taking over, Virgin would be notified and automatically discarded.

I have been trying to call VM 12 times to cancel the installation and all of these 12 times they hanged up on me. They hang up on me as soon as I tell them my account number. Today however they sent me a text and told me that someone would be in touch regarding the installation.

Now, I am not sure if I got myself into two contracts at the same time or whatnot. Has anyone been in a similar situation? I don't want anything to do with VM nor want to pay them £22 a month.

Would it be enough if I didn't let the engineer in, in case they sent him on the 2nd?

Needless to say that I have filed an official complaint and a complaint through 3rd party against Virgin Media.

Thank you in advance,
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