Help with virgin mobile internet settings please!

    i've been messing/goggling around most of the night trying to set up my mobile to use msn on, but it seems i can't send date over my mobile....its starting to stress me out any help is very appreciated :P

    I'll list what i can do/have to make my problem easier
    w810i phone
    Texts work fine, calls work fine, mms tell me to go to virgin webpage to retrieve.
    I downlaoded latest gprs and email settings and installed them on the phone, as far as internet goes on it all i can do is access the virgin bites page on my mobile browser but nothing else and the pictures/jpgs of the page are blank on it.

    What i think is the culprit is when i go to settings> comnnectivity> mobile shows as T-mobile, with only o2 and voda as the other options(no virgin:O). i'm guessing i need a way to get rid of T-mobile as the mobile network? but see no way to do it and add virgin!.
    I have unlocked my phone also.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me out cheers


    virgin uses T-mobiles network so that is correct.

    have u done all the stuff here?…100

    Most phones only use pop/smpt setting, Hotmail is Imap and either is a major pain to get running or won't run at all on most phones. Hotmail is designed to be used with a browser which is why your having problems...

    Original Poster

    Yeah iv'e done everything on the virgin page to no avail.

    I've got nimbuzz installed for msn, and various other online programs but none of them are connecting ot the internet :oops:

    Just a thought, but if its a new phone and you haven't used data before you might not have the element on your acc at the network ? Call them up and see is you've got the right data products live.

    Original Poster

    Still no joy, thanks for the help anyways guys
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