Help with Vista Service Pack 1 Installation

    Having a nightmare with this update so any help very welcome!

    My wife has a laptop and it constantly fails to download and install Vista SP1 for 32 bit and cant work out how to sort it.

    Get error code 80070002 but its help just gives details on clearing update history etc and using update again to get it but it always does same thing.

    I've looked on MS site for a direct download of the file but can only see one sized 468mb which says not to use if one pc updating, but rather than link to direct download for one pc (size 51.5mb) it links you to use update to get it for you!! But my update cant get it for some reason!!

    Any one know anywhere can get the update direct at all without using update?

    I have downloaded the big SP 468mb file but figure can install as last resort, just way bigger than the actual update i need

    Thanks again anyone who can shed any light


    Why are you putting on service pack 1?
    Put SP2 on.


    Why are you putting on service pack 1?Put SP2 on.

    you cannot put SP2 in without having SP1

    just use the downloaded one see if you get the same before that though install Ccleaner and see if that removes some rubbish also you could try running the registry cleaner bit from within Ccleaner. Then try to install the download sp1 package…002

    you will neeed to stop the service .. for windows update first. follow procedure above THE first 3 will be enough

    Original Poster

    Thanks for advice, see how it goes!

    I fixed a few vista ones (but installing again is sometimes quicker)with my recent similar error on windows 7 by just letting automatic updates start to download a few updates then stopping it and switching back to auto updates off and manual updates/

    try this also after youhave tried the steps above…ity



    You need to format, none of those work arounds work, my sisters has had … You need to format, none of those work arounds work, my sisters has had this error for 18 months, failes everytime no matter what I do, microsoft on their forums just say format. I've tried everything.


    My mums PC had the ntoskrnl.exe boot problem caused by SP1 failing to install properly. PC just wouldnt stop installing it as it was in its install log and even hiding the update didnt help. Its been a big problem since SP1 was released.

    Had to re-format after spending hours trying to stop it installing. Now I have it permanently hidden from ever installing!
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