Help with watching 3D in the cinema

    Hi, next week I will be taking the kids to see Toy Story 3 and would like to try see it in 3D, my partner has what she refers to as a "lazy eye" and insists she will not be able to watch it in 3D.

    So my question is can you watch a 3D movie without the glasses? or will the picture be blurry or flickery?



    It's unwatchable without the glasses, not too far off with them either...

    Just close one eye?

    No she won't be able to watch and its blurry and awful - I can't use 3D glasses either because of a retina operation and missed out last week with OH and the kids. Will go and see it in 2D eventually as the 4 year old wants to go again. Why not let her go shopping and you take the kids?

    i posted about this last year, i have a lazy eye too. I watched final destination in 3d and the effects didn't work on me whatsoever, i didn't get any jumpy out bits or anything, i could see it fine though it just looked like a normal film.

    You could always watch the 3D film in 2D clicky

    Also, why is 3D twice as expensive? I'd understand if it was 4D....



    Also, why is 3D twice as expensive?

    Because people will pay twice as much

    I ended up watching most of it without the glasses and the majority you don't actually need the glasses for.

    OP i saw this film in 3d and honestly there is absolutely no special effects at all in this version. Go see it in 2D

    Film though is just amazing - one of the best


    everything in the kitchen is 3d.... jus sayin.
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