Help with water bills from South West Water

Found 4th Jul 2014
No many people aware of this help. Not sure if its a national company thing. When my youngsters were growing up had the bill capped at £30 per month regardless of useage, so well worth trying .

WaterSure can help you if you have a low-income and your water is measured by a meter. We can put a limit on your charges for water and sewerage services, if you meet the following conditions.

1. Your supply is metered

2. The person who pays the water bill or someone else in your household receives benefit or tax credit

3. There are either: three or more children under the age of 19 living in the household for whom the person receiving the above benefit also claims Child Benefit; or
you or someone living in your household has a medical condition which causes extra water to be used.

This year, the reduced charges for the WaterSure scheme are
£228 for water and £317 for sewerage services for
the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015

If your current charges are more than this, you may be entitled to pay the reduced charge.

Once on the WaterSure tariff, if your actual metered bill is lower than the reduced charge, we will only charge you the lower amount.…422
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don't know where logo has gone or the link. I uploaded both can admin help please?
The conditions are so restrictive that not very many people will be eligible, SWW are the biggest bunch of robbing S***bags around, my water charges are over £1000 a year! and the £50 government subsidy only cancelled out what they were planning on increasing it by this year.
Also done by welsh water
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