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    I'm hoping you knowledgeable peeps can help me with some suggestions for an SSD for my dad's computer. It needs to have enough capacity for Windows 7 / 10, but doesn't need masses, as he's a very light user.

    I'm pretty confident about installing the drive, then installing Windows onto it, but I'm hoping for some suggestions for which drive to get, as well as any suggestions or things to look out for. I'm not overly familiar with these things, but I believe it uses a SATA connection? I've attached a picture in the first post, which may help clarify what he has now, and possibly in choosing a new one. Max budget is probably £30-£40, but less is better.

    Thanks! =)


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    at that price you can only get 120gb.....…0gb

    I have one and upgraded because it was too small for me. it's a lot more for a 250

    Won't get much for that price range . But I have the older model of this one
    Toshiba-OCZ TL100 SATA 120GB Internal 2.5 inch SSD Drive
    Which is about £45 ish

    And haven't had any issues
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    if your hoping to get an ssd for £30-£40 OR LESS, i cant see you getting much help here mate ?
    you would struggle to replace your sata drive for £30 for a decent capacity and manufacture.

    120gb sandisk ssd best value you're gonna get for performance

    Unfortunately SSDs seemed to have hiked in price lately. Last year I bought an Integral 120Gb for £25 from mymemory and a Sandisk 240Gb for £45 from Amazon. Hold off till the Easter bank holiday weekend if you can, there should be some price drops.
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    Dang. Thanks for the answers, folks. It looks like we'll have to up the budget. Would £60 give us some more wiggle room?

    120gb will be absolutely fine for a light user at your price range. I have one myself as well as a 1TB HDD and the only thing I have on the HDD is games. If he doesn't play games or store thousands of songs, videos or photos, you won't need more than 120GB.

    So how full is it?
    With a little tweaking, you can get the OS and demanding stuff on SSD, the rest on the HDD.
    Particularly, you would set the swapfile to be on HDD, the download location.

    You can either re-install, with the added benefit of cleaning up accumulations of scrap left behind, or use a utility (may even come with the drive / or makers download site) to migrate the existing installation.

    An alternative compromise is the SSHD, a hard disk with a small built-in SSD cache, once the cache has populated, they can start Windows about as fast as an SSD, but can take time for the performance to stabilise after a major update until it catches up with the new frequently used files
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