Help with wi-fi on PS3 please?!

    Greetings, my problem is this. Recently I have been playing MW2 on my PS3 no problem with the connection etc only over the last couple of days my connection drops to around 2 bars, laggs loads and then eventually I get disconnected from the game which to me is infuriating!

    I have not changed any connection stuff on my router and the laptops in the house are surfing the web fine. I even tried using a new home hub which didn't solve anything.

    Just wondering what can be causing this? Hopefuly it isn't my PS3 as it is a slim model which I haven't had for more than 9 months!

    Thanks in advance


    try changing the channel on the router (someone else may have another router on the same channel which could be a cause)

    Agreed, sounds like interference weaking the signal.

    TBH if you can its always best to hook up the PS3 though an Ethernet its a far better and robust connection.

    The wireless function in the PS3 is pretty shoddy in all honesty, not as bad as the Wii but not that great.
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