Found 30th Nov 2007
Sorry to start yet another wii thread!, but, ordered the Argos pack at 07.30 this morning so hopefully it comes!!!
Can anyone suggest any extras I will need? Is it a wiimote or nunchuck?
Also, any suggestion of good games?
My OH likes Call of duty/medal of honour type games - any on wii like this? (he has a ps2)
Also, game for 16 yr old girl and 10 yr old boy? Was thinking Simpsons for him.
Anyone know of where this is below £30??
Sorry, loads of questions, but help would be appreciated.

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Wii play is the best to get, as this is a load of mini games, and also a wiiremote. Argos often get in stock so just keep an eye out (£35). If not just get another wii remote (about £30)

Games; Havn't played COD on wii, however from stuff i have read is isnt too great.

Red steel is excellent however a little tiny bit violent so maybe not for a 10 yr old boy!

Wario Smooth Moves is a great fun... family game with lots of tasks. Sure your 10 year old would love that.

Simpsons game also a good idea. Take a look at reviews of games maybe on amazon just to get an idea :-)

Hope this helps!

With regards to accessories, I would get an extra remote and nunchuck.

The way I got this is to get Wii play from Argos £35, this is a game and a remote package. I have ordered a nunchuck form PC world for £12.99, ordered on web for store pick-up. Total £47.99

The Wii play is extremely hard to get hold of, rumours of HMV having stock instore.

The remote can be purchased seperately, but it costs about £30

Their is a Remote and nunchuck package available from dealextreme for £33?, it takes approx 10 days to arrive.

Original Poster

Thanks to you both. Repped!

I get with the wii:
Nintendo Wii console with Wii sports, (5 mini games - tennis, golf, baseball, boxing and bowling), Nunchuck controller and Wii remote.

Big Brain Academy game
Red Steel game
GT Pro Series game
Wii mega accessories pack including adaptor and accessories for realistic golf, baseball, tennis and driving gameplay.

Whats the difference between wii sports (included) and wii play?

Wii sports includes all the sports games you mentioned which are really fun!

Wii play is a collection of lots of mini games, such as.. shoot the ducks, air hockey, little games like that. - The games ain't the best but if you can get wii play get it, its just something else to play on! :-) And if you manage to get it for £35 you will be only paying £5 for the game.

I got mine from Argos this week, had them in stock all night. So it is possible. I have also heard HMV have many in, but some are customer orders.

Wii play is a GREAT game on ots own but also really useful for getting the hang of the remote on the wii you may struggle to get hold of one before xmas though. The good news is that Wii sports will keep EVERYONE in the family happy until after xmas and behond ( it's still the most played game in my house!! ) I could not get into COD on the Wii but, if your OH enjoys games like this he will enjoy it. Super paper mario + mario galaxy are must buys ( paper mario £25.96 amazon, galaxy £29.97 sainsburys and less online after quidco )

The simpsons game is £27.99 at game
Use the voucher AWDC07XM to knock it down to this price, less 11% quidco + 2.5% rewards if you have a game collector card............…ons

Original Poster

Thanks simon012 - just purchased, and i did have a reward card!! Bonus!

i was renting games from boomerang that way we could see which ones we really enjoyed and the one my family absolutely loved was mario smooth moves we just waiting to find a good deal on it, its a gr8 game for adults and the kids

We Got Wii Play With Remote From Blockbuter Video Store At 29.99.give Them A Try Not Many People Think They Sell Items Like That. We Popped In On The Off Chance To Find It There.

what ever game you do choose to buy use this website [url][/url] you can compare prices for all the reatilers you can also compare consoles and accesories like your wii remote, wii play etc.

Original Poster

Thanks sarbjeet, thats v useful!

youre welcome.
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