Help with Wii modchip needed

Found 7th Jun 2008

I am going to buy a Wiikey+ Wiiclip presoldered so that I can play backups(of course). Do you guys know where the cheapest retailer is?

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The cheapest price that I have found so far is £32.95 from here:…tml
Go on Dealextreme, they have loads of types. Wiikey is only around £7.50 there but out of stock currently. Wait till they get it instock instead of paying £32.95 LOL!…999
unfortunately they dont come presoldered...
BUT if you can solder, it is a v.good alternative
Sorry it has to be presoldered. Does anyone know any cheaper places than my link.
Does anyone know?
Difficult to get solderless and I've honestly avoid in my experience.

If you have basic soldering skills I'd suggest to contact one of these vendors at regarding presoldered and preprogrammed YAOSM 3.2.…tml

Edit: dealextreme also had the Wii-clip for atmel chip.. you could program this with the cracked 1.9s Wiikey code (just search wiinewz download section for Wiikey 1.9s autoprogrammer)
Are you sure that there is not anywhere that sells it for a lower price.
eBay would be your best chance m8
Looking into chipping my wii but i dont know the first clue about it lol. I dont mind soldering and everything, so does anyone know the cheapest place for a chip? Also are there specific chips which wont work on certain consoles etc. And what is the SD Gecko adaptor? Do i require it if i do chip it?

Sorry if im not allowed to post these things lol. If thats the case could someone PM me? Thanks
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