help with wireless connection with a 1557 studio dell laptop

    Hi i keep loosing wireless connection, it says it has a Intel(r) wifi link 5300 agn ( there is no new driver to download on dell) and a Microsoft virual wifi minport A which is not connected at mom as the 5300 agn is? Any ideas or do you think it would be a faulty card please? i have had the laptop 6 months and may be under guarantee?? many thanks as on ethenet at mom


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    it losing connection, i get teh hour glass thing and the screen goes dimm, thats it i have to re boot and it workd for about 5 or 10 minutes or sometimes an hour and then goes dim and you get the hour glass and have to reboot, sorru hope that helps

    If you can redownload the drivers, you may want to try manually uninstalling the wireless driver and then either wait and see if Windows will install it automatically or you download it and install it yourself. If the problem persists, it is probably a faulty card. You can send it back to the OEM, or buy a generic card yourself from Hong Kong for pennies on ebay.

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    great thanks for your help

    Also might be better to bypass Dell and go direct to Intel for the latest driver for the wifi card.
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