Help with wireless network, please?

    My laptop has an internal wireless card, a "802.11g wireless cardbus adapter", in the properties it says the manufacturer is SMC and is an atheus. According to windows the drivers are all up to date.

    The card was working fine, then the IT guy at my girlfriends work put in a netgear pci card that slots into the side, this also worked fine.

    Now ive taken out the netgear one to use on another laptop, works fine. The problem im having is the internal one, which I cant get to work again.

    When I click repair it says "Unable to connect to network", it doesnt find any wireless SSIDs when searching for networks. The IP settings are automatic as is DNS, which is the same on all the computers in the house, I tried manually configuring the IP and DNS and that dident work either.

    Any one know what I can do to fix it? Any help apretiated!


    You tried resetting router? Turn it off for 10 mins (unplug all cables etc and then try again in 10mins. also try see if tht helps

    some laptops have a little switch on the front/side which is the on/off position. maybe he has turned this off for the onboard wifi. not sure if turning it to off would stop all wifi from working though.

    also check its not disabled in device manager.

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    My girlfriend who knows nothing about networking has just fixed it! Pure fluke! She deleted the shrared drives for work that were in my computer and it worked. Never heard of that before. Thanks for your help anyway, rep given.

    Glad you got it fixed - if your PC/laptop has shared (i.e. across a network) drives then your machine will try its hardest to find them & connect to them. If it can't then it keeps trying, so you're left with a machine that looks as though it's doing nothing but is in fact trying to connect to something that doesn't exist.

    By deleting the shared drives your girlfriend resolved the problem - now make it up to her by buying her a box of chocolates & letting her watch a weepie on the telly:thumbsup:
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