Help with wireless USB adapator

    Can anyone help with choosing a good USB adaptor for wireless internet, I am a bit clueless on this and any help would be great


    I could only recommend this one at £9.99 delivered from]http//ww…tml

    I've used it before and its very good value and a robust piece of kit. :thumbsup:

    Hi, I have one of these and its excellent only bad point is its a bit big, other than good for the money hope this helps

    This looks really good, it supports Hi speeds and is nice and compact

    I got something like ]this and it works great.

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    will that work with Vista?


    This is cheap and works well, good signal and Vista compatible:…439

    Hope it helps

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    Thnaks for every ones help - I have now ordered and just waiting for it to come will let you all know how I get on - I ordered from the last comment and the site - thanks all again all your help appricated
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