Help with X Rocker connecting to TV !

Dear all I know I am being a bit thick but I went to Argos last night and picked up the x rocker (I had no idea it was so big) got it home and decided to test it - alas even after the bottle of wine I still could not make head nor tail of the instructions, all help appreciated I was trying it with a ps2 slimline



I also have one of these.
There is the mains lead that plugs into the wall and the other end into the chair.
Then you have the audio leads (splits into 2 leads one red and one white) this runs from the chair to wherever you have audio (sometimes on the tv somewhere).
I have a box that all of my sons scart leads plug into (cost 10. from Argos) and you can switch from game to cable with the buttons on the front. This is where i have plugged the audio leads into because you can use the chair to watch tv, cable or games.
I hope this helps!!

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Thanks I'll give it a try when I get home I was just worried incase I was going to have to return it to the shop as it took me ages to locate one

merry Xmas

Having read the post im guessing you want the sound from the ps2 directly if you havent got audio out on tv.
pick one of the phono connectors up.…m12
most electrical shops stock em.
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