help with xbox media center

    if i want it to be a media center thing

    does it matter if the xbox is chipped?


    By using a softmod, you can make the xbox play copied games, and by adding a little progam called XMBC will allow you to watch divx/wmv movies play music and lots more.

    i have them in kids bedrooms all networked to a spare hdd or use a lan box. and watch anything without ever needing to burn disks again. And when there bored can always play those backed up games and of course they have the originals stored safely away:).


    the original xbox could be modified and a program called xbmc (similar to windows media centre) could be installed, you could also up the size of the hd

    my xbox is in a pc case and has a 250gig hd full of xvids and games

    take a look over at [url][/url] look through the tutorials and you will find more info

    Easiest way of doing it is to get hold of a softmod kit and auto-installer. This usually consists of a copy of splinter cell, a usb stick of software and a usb xbox adapter. You use the usb stick to copy over a savegame then run it in Splinter cell, this triggers an exploit that runs the auto-installer. Takes minutes.

    Places like AVForums are a good place to get these, they even have a free pack that gets sent from person to person; you put down your details then get sent the pack do what you need then send it to the next person on the list.

    Original Poster

    sounds complicated

    il gt my computer genius mate to help/do it for me

    thanks for th advice, think il save this to show im


    You can download games and play them without having to buy them
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