Help With XBox360 / Controller / ODST - What Is Wrong?

    I am still cutting my teeth with my new Xbox360 but there is something wrong I think.
    I am still getting creamed with OSDT in easy mode but according to the instructions If I press the BACK button on the controller I'm supposed to be able to see something called VISR which includes a map (and a few things not really explained). When i press BACK I hear a little sound but I don't see anything like tha shown in the Instructions (p 8 to 9).

    With the whole thing being new to me - the console, the game, the controller I'm not sure what could be the problem? Any ideas?


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    I am mindful there may not be anything wrong...I might have to do something perhaps to make VISR work but its not explained like that in the instructions.

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    Will check back later

    I cant remember if i used a map or not although i did complete it on legendary :lol:,

    I think the VISR works like night vision, makes the darker areas brighter, also your enemies show up in red.

    If it is the back button you press then you would notice your vision get brighter or dimmer.

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    Hi I have been playing tonight and went much further than ever before. Weird really (weel i thought so but maybe games are like this) I got something achieved (something flashed up) then a nearbye phone box started to ring and on screen instructions came up.I followed them and hey presto after following more on screen the on screen said I now had VISR capability..which was a map and instructions of what to do next..(Nad to follow a beakon hidden away) So yeah althought the paperwork that comes with the game don't say it you have to collect the things to go inside it to activate it. namely Navigation, Intelligence and Communications.

    Weird again I found the beacon to be at the site of another OSDT's helmet and when I followed the onscreen instructions again I thought "this guy's worse than me...he's just standing and being shot" then i realised I'm playing hi too. Heck knows how i'm going to get him over to the Plaza where I found his lid.

    Reps for trying anyway.

    I mean weird because i looked all over for a data hub thing in light yellow..but it was there all along but not in bright yellow and not working
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