Help with XP Validation Please

    Hi I spilled coffee on my laptop and it no longer works properly, so bought a new drive for my old laptop with xp on it. It wouldn't load up so tried an old install disk which was fine except the validation key was not legit. I've used it before and still been able to download sp2, but this time it won't let me. Can anyone please help?


    Different version of XP have different license keys. You would have to install the version that is for your license key. Phone MS up, give them your key and they should be able to tell you which version you need.

    Failing that, its going to be a case of buying one.

    if you have a legit copy of windows with the code phone microsoft up tell them you changed your hard drive as your last one broke and they should give you a new code they will ask if it is installed on other computers tell them no if you dont have a legit copy dont phone them and buy a copy
    i have phoned them myself as i had to reinstall windows doesnt take long very helpful
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