help with yogurt making? not by machine!

Found 20th Jan 2007
Have read up recently on making your own yogurt (Don`t want to use easie- yo or any machine) but have failed miserabley at every attempt.
It`s meant to be simple yet I cannot get any results from the methods I tried.
First attempt bought natural yogurt from supermarket heated milk 1ltr in microwave for 5min 850w added two tbl spoons of yogurt, mixed and poured into flask. Went back next morning. Warm milk,that`s all I had.
Next attempt, bought UHT warmed in microwave three min added activa yogurt placed in flask, again warm milk.
Third attempt. UHT warmed on stove to under boiling point left to cool for 45 minutes added yogurt, two tablespoons whisked put in heated crockpot for five hours on low. covered with clean cloth. this time warm milk with a skin on top. luckily by using the two tablespoons of yougurt, I`ve had plenty of yogurt to eat from the supermarket. I`m only wasting the milk but I would be glad if someone could explain where I have went wrong.
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Did you ensure that you added LIVE yoghurt to your mix and not pasteurised?
I`ve used three diffrent yougurts all live. Used two supermarket own brands and a branded label
i always make my own yogurt. firstly buy greek yogurt or turkish yogurt these work the best. heat milk so it is froffy at the top or boiling then let it cool for an hour then in a cup place 2 tablespoons of the yogurt and two of the milk mix and then pour in to the milk, then cover the milk with lid and even place a couple of kitchen towels over it to keep it warm. 5 hours later fresh homemade yogurt. goodluck!
I always use yeo valley live natural youghurt and seems ok...

Just warm the uht milk and dont over mix the yoghurt in as this can kill the live bits.
I sometimes use a little bit more than 2 tablespoons of the yoghurt to get the starter batch going then just use 2tblsp from the sucessful batch.

It has to be kept warm not hot I didnt think crockpots were cool enough?

I know theres been many a discussion on yoghurt making at MSE so worth trying a look over there

yes yeo valley works too but i like the taste of turkish and greek yogurts more.
just tried using your method but placed in flask and have used greek yogurt. keeping my fingers crossed
good luck!!!!
thanks for the help for some reason it has worked. I think I added to the milk when it was to hot and like kimbo_frog said the crock pot was too hot.
also tried a batch in the tabletop oven and this also seems to work, again thanks for the advice.

Glad its worked for you...It can be difficult sometimes...but keep trying and see what interesting variations you can come up with.

Sometimes I add a couple of tablespoons of dried milk to the warm milk and it makes it thick and creamy

hmm...making me hungry now...might have to pop in the kitchen and get myself a batch on...

Can I ask how long would you leave it to stand before putting in the fridge also if I strained it like a cheese would it be all right and could I give the dog the whey as you do with cheese
i usually just use a cooking pot and put it in the frigde as soon as it has set. glad it worked.
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