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    Can some one please tell me what the easiest way to download a youtube video then send it to my nokia 5800..All helpers will receive rep...


    try catchyoutube

    download realplayer.......and then view the video "you will now see a download video button above the video"

    once downloaded transfer to phone via pc suite.

    hope that helps

    just use that catchyoutube thing and transfer the flv file over to your phones memory card

    Charlie Scene;6695300

    try catchyoutube

    Id go with this... :thumbsup:

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    will give catchyoutube a go, thanks everyone, knew you wouldn't let me down, rep added to all..:thumbsup:

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    Just downloaded it but there is no sound..anyone?

    use keepvid…D8o

    by far the best, can convert it aswell

    well im not sure about nokia, but with my sony eriksson

    i jus connect it to the comp using a wire

    then transfer it over to my memory card xD

    You can also try ' 1-click youtube downloader '…tml

    Just remember to UNCHECK the options you don't want like the toolbar etc.

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    All sorted now thanks...

    Just select the vid you want to keep and then go to the web address above the vid. Between the ["e"] of youtube and the following [full stop] type keep, a new window opens, select which format you want and download. SIMPLES

    No extra proggies and works every time.:thumbsup:
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