Help wtd: easiest way to transfer data between two 360 hard drives

    So I recently upgraded from my ageing, non hdmi premium to the sprakling asda offer for 60gb pro, and am now wondering what's the easiest/cheapest way to transfer everything over?

    I saw on MS website that they can send you a transfer cable for free, but it reads that you can only get it if you upgrade to an elite or "special edition" console - would I not qualify for sure with pro model?

    Help would be much appreciated - will leave rep


    There will be some kind soul on here who will be able to lend you their cable providing you are willing to pay postage costs and return in pristine (How bond-like was that?!!!) condition as soon as your finished.

    Original Poster

    I'm up for that.

    Calling all kind souls!


    I'm up for that.Calling all kind souls!

    I would offer but im a PS3/Wii guy myself.
    There will be someone on here who will help you out,
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