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    I've had an idea for an online business for a couple of years now and with potential job cuts at work I'm now beginning to look at getting it up and running.

    The business evolves around a website that people can pay a one off subscription fee and then have use of the facilities.

    I need it to have Content Management facilities for various types of data to be uploaded and/or modified such as video, documentsand maybe sound files.

    Finally each user who subscribes needs to have secure access to their personal space but ideally have the ability to allow other people to gain read only access.

    Does any HUKD members in the Nottinghamshire area know of any decent web designers that might be able to advise me on the feasibility and potential costs for such a website?

    I'm trying to get all of this information together so I can write a decent business plan and approach Business Link for assistance in my business creation and any grants to help me.

    Thanks in advance for any info people can give me.




    Unless you have something novel and unique, no one is going to be prepared to pay. Already saturated with such sites (for no cost) and with so much free storage out there, it doesnt sound likely to be successful as a business venture.

    But good luck anyway....:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    I don't want to say too much but it is a unique and novell idea - also there are currently very costly and expensive paper based systems for it that can cost £50 upwards and only deal with say 50-75% of the solution.

    My idea could cost around a fraction of the cost for 100% of the solution i.e. £10.

    I'd design the website myself but I've not got the skills for eCommerce, security and content management to make it a decent enough site so am willing to take a punt for a couple of grand and possible startup grants being available. Once up and running I can even let my misses run it from home

    Maybe I should complete my business plan and take it to the Dragons
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