Help - Xbox 360 and Maxell 12gb portable Hard Drive

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Found 8th Mar 2008
Hi Everyone,

recently took advantage of the following deal posted on here a while back -…ay/

So the Drive turned up this morning and all is well with it and the Laptop interacting and seeing each other no probs but ....

The Xbox 360 will not recognise this drive at all as a "portable device" on the Dashboard, when plugged in the option just remains greyed out .... tried it in all 3 USB ports that the 360 has and still no joy even after formating it in Windows still not being recognised even though the lights on the drive come on as they should etc.

So I noticed that the deal had been posted on here more than once and in reading the comments it would seem a few member on here bought this drive and some possibly to use with a 360, one member even mentioned that he was using it to watch videos on his Xbox ?

Just wondering if anyone reading this has one of these and is using it fine with a 360 maybe they could help me out with any advice ...... otherwise it looks like a might have a duff drive (yet it works 100% fine with PC and Laptop)



Might be the drive format ,
360 can only read FAT32, some Harddrives are NTFS


Might be the drive format , 360 can only read FAT32, some Harddrives are … Might be the drive format , 360 can only read FAT32, some Harddrives are NTFS

yeah thtd be 1st thing to check

Original Poster

Thanks guys but its FAT32 out of the box forgot to mention that and even reformated it again as FAT32 and its not changed anything ?

been round to my brother in laws and tried it on his PS3, Xbox360 and his Laptop all work fine except the 360 again, so it seems this drive maybe is not compatible with the 360 at all. Unless someone on here has got it working somehow ... You think Maxell in this day and age would make sure there product worked with the 360 flawlessly.

Thanks for the replies

Problem : Xbox 360 doesn't recognise files over 4GB in size when the storage device is formatted as FAT32 (The only "windows" formatted type partitions it will read)

Solution : Format it with a Mac type file system (HFS+)
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