help xbox 360 arcade game sharing???

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Found 22nd Oct 2008
i want a few arcade titles of my uncle is it possible i can get them off him?
if i put his gamertag on my xbox and dwonloaded them would this work???



Well in the thread you and Ace discussed this in, he said it would - wouldnt hurt trying.

It works the same with the PS3 however you need to keep their username on the ps3 forever. I don't know how it works with the Xbox.

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cheers guys for responses......does anyone know if i will have to keep his tag on my harddrive????

If you buy a game it can be used on all gamer tags but if you move your gamertag to another xbox the games will only work on the gamer tag that bought it. we had this when we upgraded to an elite

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so say i just put my brothers gamertag on my console and thend ownloaded a game on MY GAMERTAG and then transferred his gamertag back to his harddrive he wouldnt have the full game???

Hi. I'm pretty sure that the full version of the XBLA games only work with the gamertag that they were purchased from.

Although they will appear with a different gamertag on the same console, they will only be the trial version of the game. The full game can only be played by the purchasing gamertag. Cheers.

it did work that way dave any game hubby downloaded i could play full game aswell until we transfered to the elite. havent downloaded a game for over a year so they may have put a stop to it.

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lol this doesnt work anymore so i have to buy the ms points and buy them myself
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