HELP Xbox 360 sound through monitor

    Just got some speakers but I now need to get sound how do I do this? I have a connector to plug the White and red audio off the xbox cable.


    So your montor doesn't have built-in speakers, but you have just bought a set, is that correct?
    what audio inputs/outputs does the monitor have?
    What auio inputs/outputs do the speakers have?

    If your speakers have an optical port, you can just use an optical cable from the vga toshlink port to connect with the speakers.
    If not you will need an RCA mini jack adapter, to plug the RCA cables into, and then an audio extension cable to go fro the adapter into the 3.5 mm socket on the speakers, or through the monitor then into the speakers (just type hem into ebay for a billion types to chose from).

    I think that should work, if anyone wants to correct me feel free.

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    I can't see any inputs or outputs for audio on the monitor.

    ok, do you have any on the speakers themselves?

    This from the rca leads into the 3.5mm input of the speakers should do the trick:…SS0

    Obviously there might be cheaper on ebay.

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    None on the speakers no, i have one of these...…RCT

    that will work, you just plug the rca cables into it then plug that into the 3.5mm input on either the speakers or the monitor...
    Are you sure you don't have any connections on the speakers....they should definately have a 3.5mm socket on them.

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    Theres a connection on the side of them with a headphone icon on it, these are the ones...…0GC

    In the description it says:
    1 x audio line-in (mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm)
    1 x headphones (mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm)

    The first one is the socket you are looking for.

    When you find it just plug the adapter into it, and plug the RCA cables into the adapter.

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    The line in is a green plug that goes into the back of my computer i have plugged both of the red and white cables in to the stereo jack.

    ah ok, That green plug means that you are using the speakers on your computer right now yeh?
    If you want to use these for your 360, you will need to unplug the green cable and plug the adapter into the connector the green cable was in.

    If you want to use both at the same time you will need to buy a splitter, and split the socket, although I think you will still only be able to hear either the 360 or the computer one at a time.

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    Just tried that still no luck in the green socket on the computer i plugged the connector with the red and white xbox cables connected.

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    How would that give me sound out my xbox anyway? as it would be connected to the pc :s

    No you cant plug it into the computer, plug the adapter into the actual speakers, not the computer, the computer has nothing to do with this.

    Plug the RCA cables into the adapter, plug the adapter into the speakers themselves, into the hole where the green cable WAS!

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    There is no whole were the green cable was mate its a wire that runs out of the inside of the speakers then on the end of that wire is a green plug thing to go into the computer.

    Just to make sure, you are 100% sure you can't simply pull the green cable out?

    If you can't then does the jack on the end look like a standard 3.5mm jack?

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    Deffo cant, and ye it goes in to the place were you plug headphones and microphone in to your computer.

    right ok, then you will need to buy one of these:…0RS

    I have genuinly never seen speakers that have a built-in cable before...that is the only real problem here, but that bit above should make it work.

    or one of these, ebay item number: 220158806200

    Original Poster…070

    Will that do? if so ill shoot down there now

    That should do, but i'm not sure about the whole mono thing...
    If you pop down to maplin get one, but before you do ask for a 'female RCA to female 3.5mm jack'.
    But if they have one make sure that both ends are FEMALE.
    To be honest you may as well get both if they have them, as they shouldn't be more than 3/4 quid for both, and you've definately got one that should work then.

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    I got the stereo and it works perfect thanks for all your help mate

    thats alright, enjoy!
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