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Hey guys, I just need a bit of help
If I pay for an xbox live gold membership, 3 month or 12 etc, with a credit/debit card, can i use it instantaneously (sp?) or does it have to wait to clear etc?
As its a sunday so cant get a prepaid card anywhere!


Get online and search JASPER. £27 iirc 12months + 1 month. code gets emailled to you within hours! :thumbsup:


Yes, if you use a credit card on your Xbox it is instant access.

as disco said, buy it cheaper using the cheaper websites

as below

they charge less than £30 for 13 months, while microsoft & shops (tesco, amazon) charge £40 for 12 months :lol:

they will email the code within 12 hours but most are a lot quicker

So long as your credit / debit details gets accepted it's instant access

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Thanks guys, Ill take a gander at this Jasper thing, is it reliable?


Thanks guys, Ill take a gander at this Jasper thing, is it reliable?

v.much so.. its been upto 4 hours over xmas period, but its normally (dont quote me on this), within the hour

EDIT: JASPER has now put it upto £29.99

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Hmmm kool, student loan is in tomorrow! Arggh theres no money in my account, might have to get on the blower to some friends who owe me money lol

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One more thing, will this work even when Ive had subscriptions before
I mean its not only a new account thing?
Thanks for your help

it works on any account they are the microsoft ones ...... just bought in bulk to sell cheaper

£25 at buygamingcodes guys, in stock.

Dude cool username!
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