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Help - Yellow Oil light staying on - VW Passat

Posted 18th Nov 2011
The yellow oil light has come on and refuses to go off on our 1.8T 1999 Passat.

I have checked the oil level and although it was low I have topped it up but it still has not gone off. The coolant level is also just below minimum and I will top that up once I buy some but I don't think that could be the cause could it?

Any thoughts welcome. Thanks
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Must add to the last link that it is improper practice to remove the positive battery terminal first. Reason being if you contact the wrench with the body of the car you join the circuit up and are likely to cause a bang (the negative terminal of the battery is simply connected to the metal of the car). Guaranteed way to reset ECU's is to remove negative battery terminal first, then positive - and hold both the positive and negative terminals together for a short time - this discharges any capacitors in the electronics resetting the memory. You may need a keycode for the radio.

When connecting the battery first ensure terminals are clean, and connect positive first, negative last. It's best to put some vaseline or copper grease over the terminals once connected to help reduce corrosion.
Thanks Greg_68 and anewman .... will try this later.
Thank you for the ideas ... just to let you know that I disconnected the battery as suggested and also covered up the top of the oil dipstick which had snapped off (2nd time) with masking tape .... and hey presto ... the light is out.

I used the masking tape as another thing I read suggested that the dipstick may form part of the oil sensor reading equipment and if broken not be giving an accurate reading (not sure if true).

Thanks again
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