Help! Your fixed tariff is ending with Octopus Energy!

Posted 29th Apr
Since I moved into my new flat 9 my energy provider is updating of my fixed term ending and will be increasing the bills by 7.5%.

Despite the increase, our commitment to bringing you long term value remains the same. Regardless of the tariff you choose, we add an average of 7.5% to the cost of the energy we supply you, which covers the costs of running our business.

Here are my providers rates for electricity and gas:
9th March 2019
70827.0 Customer reading

11th April 2019
70958.0 Customer reading

Energy Used 131.0 kWh @ 13.38p/kWh £17.53

Standing Charge 33 days @ 18.00p/day £5.94
Subtotal of charges before VAT £23.47

9th March 2019 8456.0
Customer reading

11th April 2019 8513.0
Customer reading

Consumption 57.0 Units (m3


Energy Used* 633.1 kWh @ 3.28p/kWh £20.77

Standing Charge 33 days @ 18.00p/day £5.94

Subtotal of charges before VAT £26.71

Is it worth the switch if so how does it work. This will be first experience of this kind.
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Go to uswitch, enter your data and see what pop up.
check out customer review before you sign up to any.
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Then go to topcashback or Quidco and see if the company is there!
Money Supermarket also. If you find a better deal, ask Octopus if they can beat it to save switching but if you have to move it's not major hassle. The price they are quoting you might be their standard tariff and they will possibly have better deals themsleves for a fixed term.
"regardless of the tariff you choose". Go onto the switching sites. Be honest with the details you put in. Then as others said, go to the cashback sites and see if they are on there. If they are DELETE ALL COOKIES as they may decline you of there is a record of your visit not from their site. Then sign up. It's painless and quick.
I need to add even if the switching sites say you're better off with another company do check the unit rates and standing charge as quite often its not true. I've just changed and when I went on a comparison site it said I would be £100+ better off with so and so but when I checked unit prices and standing charge it was more than I was currently paying, so do pay attention to the small details.
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