Help2buy scheme double glazing windows & doors

Posted 12th Apr
Total scam !!!!!! I have seen their advertisement on instagram & though I’d try it out as they state they recycle my old windows & doors & get £200 off each window they recycle. I had a visit from 1 of their sellers & their price came up to £45,000 !!!!!!! Like I live in a 3 bedroom house not a mansion!!!! Their prices b4 the discounts were ridiculous!! For an external door it was £4,000, where as I could buy the same door for £1,000!! If you are an elderly or do not have much knowledge about prices they would take advantage of u!! But I was having none of it & stood my ground! They wanted an answer their & then or I Wouldn’t get the discount (which by the way was £32,000). I said you didn’t state that over the phone you said I have up till a year to decide!! I said I have spoken to a few trades men regarding double glazing & they gave me a quote which was £10,000 !! After my answer which was NO I have received 100 calls from different trades men as they passed my information on! I had to block them all as it got annoying, plus I had to email them 3 times to opt out ! Guys beware I have seen it 1st hand 🖐 if it’s 2 good 2 b true then it’s all false !!!!! Just warning everyone because they are time wasters !!!
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Another new member / 2nd account rant. Welcome to HUKD.
Same on Facebook, only for boilers, they get the interest payed on the loan by putting it into the original price.
Hopefully there will come a day when everybody will be net savvy, and these leeches will have no more prey
Welcome to planet earth. Beware plenty of folk try take advantage of you, legally or illegally!
Suggest you report them to trading standards. Demanding an answer there and then is illegal.
What’s the question?
If something looks too good it probably is 😄
They can have my windows for £200 each but I'll be buying elsewhere lol
Are you and going.forrit friends? Lol
Following Instagram advertising was your first mistake
I've seen the adverts, I just assumed they were a con. It seems I was right.
Who in their right mind would actually click and look into something advertised on the Internet.
Help2Buy Windows I've been bombarded with emails from this COMPANY even though I had selected the "remove from mailing list." I therefore completed their on line application to see if I would "qualify" for help2buy windows. Now the so called scheme would appear to be a Government sponsored scheme and I therefore asked that very question to be told "no it wasn't it was a number of independent private companies who were backing it" and so what I consider a clever marketing ploy which I think not only a bit misleading but dishonest. In order to try and bring an end to their daily emails I informed them I was unemployed only to be told I wouldn't therefore qualify for help.
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