help!!!everyone....never subscibe with 3 network

    i finished with 3 network 1and half years ago(2007).just before christmas the debt company written to me regarding outstandind balance from 3.when i checked my bank statement it shows the balance was paid.this i had to prove so i was told to fax it.they gave me multiple numbers and none of them worked.they said there was a fault with their fax. my brother spoke to manger regarding this, he just put the phone day i faxed it,as they promised it will work on 19/12/08..they said they received the fax on 26/12/08?????last friday they called and said they received the fax and said they will call back within 24-48hours. they never did!!!!thay rang TODAY and said i need to go to bank and trace the balance and then fax it to what can i do as my brother who at that time was working for the fone shone cleared it for me and proof is the bank statement sent to them.. legally what can i do??as this is costing me a fortune (to fax.transport to bank)please help me!!!


    Tell them to prove there is a debt.

    Edit:Ask for a copy of the original agreement to which this debt relates and make it clear from the start you don't owe 3 any money.

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    i bought a contract from 3


    Just tell them you look forward to seeing them in court and will be putting in for a counter claim for wasting your own time and costs for the proof you have already provided. Dont forget to mention you are disputing any debt!

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    when my brother spoke to the manager, he did mention about taking them to court,thats when the manager cut the phone.

    a debt company/agency cannot pursue you without firstly having a deed of assignment which in most cases they dont-they just chance their arms and hope you will cave in-they also have to have a signed agreement under the consumer credit act which you signed.

    in many cases where mobile contracts are signed up over the phone no such cca signed agreement actually exists.

    you do not have to speak to these people on the phone-tell them once never to call you again and if they do you will pursue them for harrassement. nor do you have to prove you dont owe a debt-they have to prove that you do-end of story.

    I had a similar problem with them.
    I had a nasty letter about an account I had with them about 5 or more years ago. Stated I owed them £12.
    Not a lot - but i didn't recall not paying in full - most unlike that I hadn't as I am sure they would have contacted me earlier.
    Anyway t be fair I phones and asked for some proof - they said they couldn't provide but I was just to pay up -it would be easier!

    Yea right.

    I wrote to them and repeated my offer to pay subject to proof being provided.

    I got no answer but then a continuous stream of nasty letters kept arriving ( for £12) all getting more threatening than before. Then a debt collector wad going to call.

    I passed it over to my solicitor in the end and he informed them that the next letter I received would result in me taking action for harassment. That was the last I heard.

    AVoid all dealings with the company.

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