Help!going to US

    We are planning a trip to US, just want to know is it good to use post office credit card? Does anyone used it before? And is there any place we can check hot offers in US(like 2 for 1 at attractions)

    Thanks in advance.

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    Do you mean the actual credit card, or the prepay things? If you are prepaying, use Travelex' card, it is taken everywhere, and you can top it up anywhere in the US.
    America hasn't really had chip and pin rolled out yet, so be prepared to sign for most things.
    241 sites, depends where you are going? If you are going to Florida, just keep your eyes open, there are great deals all over the place.
    I have a home in Indianapolis and Texas, and travel to Florida a lot. Florida is very cheap if you want it to be. Look around for local or tourist papers while there, they always off deals. Or go into a ticket seller on International Drive Orlando, there are some bargains to be bartered for.
    If you are going somewhere else, same applies really. Look for the local papers, always deals to be had. Keep your eyes open while out driving, there is so so much competition, there are such remarkable bargains to be had.
    If shopping, avoid the international companies, head to Target, TJ Maxx, like ours, but bigger. Also look for outlet malls, if you let me know where you are going by message, I'll let you know where to go for 70% off prices.
    Have a great holiday.
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