Helpi cant read my hotmail

    Has anyone got an idea why?? it keeps coming up "page cannot be displayed" i tried logging out in and out then through webpage not messenger but nothing makes a difference. i got a email i REALLY need to read


    The missus could not get it working on firefox about 15 mins ago but said it was working on internet explorer. so could try that!?

    Can't get to mine either Lou, but it does happen alot I find


    ill try mine just now and let you know if everyones is down x

    Mine is working ok. Have you tried going through a different browser?


    mines is working. is it IE you are using?

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    yes im using i IE still not working How do i change what i go though?


    yes im using i IE still not working How do i change what i go though?

    I always use MSN Explorer to get to my Hotmail account…htm

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    predikuesi im on vista and cant use it my whole laptop is very slow also is there anything i can do ito quickening it up? ive uninstalled stuff i dont need.

    First press Ctrl + Alt + Delete on your keyboard. Click Performance to find out your CPU usage. If it is low then there is nothing wrong there (hopefully).
    Click on Start, then Control Panel, then Performance and Maintenence (or similar in Vista) and choose Free up space, then once that is done, Rearrange Items ...... (degrag).

    In IE go to Tools, Internet Options, General and delete browsing history.

    I'd install more RAM. I bet it is low. Check what you have installed by right clicking My Computer and choosing Properties. The RAM should be near the bottom.

    Here is the link to fire fox browser if you want to try it, not that I think it is the problem with you getting into hotmail. It is not big so should be worth a go. Plus you can get it to run a hot uk deals search engine in the top right…ox/

    As for slow compute, have you tried disc clean up or a defradmentation (go to computer and right click to bring up options. I freed up a lot of space on mine recently by deleting all the restore points except the most recent.

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    thanks willleave these going today while out thanks

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    still no bloodyluck with msn

    mine has been working all night
    when i start my computer sometimes it doesnt work i just keep trying till it works

    can you sign up for a new account and does that work? eg is it your computer or your account?
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