Help..Low flame on burner on gas hob

    I have a low flame on my large burner on my gas hob,
    Any ideas what the problem may be , need to get the stir fry goin or will be in the doghouse
    All other burners flames seem ok


    Pressure low because everyone's trying to cook & heat their homes because it's cold.

    Try again about 10pm tonight.

    Others ok?

    air bubble?

    could be dirt in the jets
    or the top might not be on correctly


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    how do i clean the jets if i have a blockage ?



    how do i clean the jets if i have a blockage ?

    make sure the other ones are working fine, so you know its just one unit, if they are all suddenly low, theres something else wrong. if its just one:

    lift up the loose bits that make the flame, (black top part, brass ring) maybe the brass circle bit is gunked up

    if not, under where they sit is a single jet in the middle, gunk often creeps under there, clean that out.

    Now turn off the gas at the main,

    The jet needs a socket to unscrew and then the jet can be cleaned with a single bristle taken from a brush

    do not do this unless you feel capable
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