Help,my baggage is lost!

    I've flown with bmi and landed in Heathrow,and since Sunday I miss my baggage.
    My original flight was overbooked so they put me in on that bmi flight.
    Has anyone experience how long this should take to get it back.I called them many times and I get always told a different version,some say baggage not located, some say it 'll be delivered soon.

    Can I get any compensation for waiting so long?

    Thanks for any help!!


    Check your insurance T&Cs for delay in receiving delayed baggage - also, just in case, check compensation if they're lost. Good luck.

    About 1 day to 6 weeks - and I'm not joking!

    took me 3 months to get a pushchair back and when i did get it back the fabric seating was in shreds,did get compensation out of them tho

    i think they have to pay you so much per day after 48 hours-check at the back of a travel brochure-or ring citizens advice.

    When we lost a bag they said it would be located and delivered within the week, only took 2 days. Good luck!

    Have BMI actually located your baggage yet ?

    Original Poster

    I called bmi a few times,its a callcenter in India, and sometimes they say baggage located ,sometimes they say still not located.
    I also called expressluggage the company which should deliver lost baggage,they said they picked it up and they'll deliver it within 24 hours .Its 5 days since the call.

    All I can do is wait and hope it arrives in the next days or weeks.

    Where did you fly in from and what was the flight number ?
    Also - do you have your barcoded bag tags ?

    pm me,I might be able to help you - not promising anything tho.
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