HELP......Pixely Picture on my TV.

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Found 26th Jun 2008
Can anybody help?

I have recently had Sky + installed, along with a new TV (LG37...????). The picture is superb apart from when the football is on. The picture becomes all pixely. The Sky + box is a Thomson and there is no HDMI outlet on the back but there is an RS-232 point along with a USB and the usual scart points..
Are there any leads/converters i could buy to get the best out of my TV???

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

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you havent said what connection you are currently using but i assume form the list scart is your only option...

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Sorry...currently using a scart lead connection.

amazed sky dont give you a digital output... confusing

of that list the only option is scart. i would ring sky and ask if they can provide you a box with an hdmi output

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will try ringing sky to swap the box....but wont hold my breath. I thought they only done hdmi on the sky HD boxes or am I just being simple???

to get HDMI you have to upgrade to SKY HD.

Is this your first experience of digital TV - pixellation is quite common, especillay on some channels who dont use the best bitrates - BBC is usually quite good, but I have found the picture is better on freeview than on SKY.

Also your TV will be making things worse as its scaling the picture - non-HD digital TV has a vertical resolution of 576 pixel - I would guess your TV is 768 (common for 32" LCDs to be 1366x768) - so your TV take the 576 line picture and "guesses" the missing lines to make it up to 768.

Some TVs do this better than others...

Only box with hdmi output is the sky hd box.

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The TV is an LG37LC46. We have a digital Ariel and the picture is fine until it comes to the footy???
Even the sky pic is fine most of the time.

because its a live broadcast, they have to use different encoding to encode it in real time for transmission - it is not the same quality as studio produced stuff - and especially noticible due to the large amount of movement - hence why you dont see it on "the one show" for example.

COmpare it with freeview though - you might find the freeview picture better,


Very common on football. ITV picture quality is pretty **** for football. Blocking can show up badly on something like the lottery draw with close ups of the balls. Something for you to get used to with a big screen as it's much more noticable than say a 28" screen.

ive got sky hd, and the picture on itv is not so good through hdmi, it seems better when footballs on normal bbc. but bbc hd is worlds apart



ive got sky hd, and the picture on itv is not so good through hdmi, it … ive got sky hd, and the picture on itv is not so good through hdmi, it seems better when footballs on normal bbc. but bbc hd is worlds apart

Agreed! :thumbsup:

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Thanks everyone

Was thinking you could go for a cheap dvd recorder with hdmi which you could put your sky box through, it would up upscale the picture which might make it better depending on how good a job your tv is already doing. there was a few of them at big pockets that would do this. But as I said the sky hd box does the upscaling and its still far from perfect.
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