Helpppp me! lol

    Ok, I signed up to a website a while ago for product testing. it was one I saw on HUKD. for the last month I've been testing stuff for them and I have to sign in today to fill in a questionnaire.. I cant remember what the site is called or find any emails regarding it lolll.

    can anyone recall any websites that do product testing?

    if I dont log in today and fill in the details, I wont get any further trails


    was it Bzz Agent?


    pinecone research?

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    No, neither of those. argghhh this is so frustrating lol

    What have you been testing ?

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    What have you been testing ?

    As silly as it sounds, I'm not allowed to say, lol. you agree to confidentiality when you sign up.

    The site seems to mainly test personal hygiene type stuff, shampoo's face creams, etc

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    choc1969;3310202 ?

    we have a winner!

    now if I could only remember my login details.... lol.

    thanks for your help everyone

    repped xxx


    we have a winner!now if I could only remember my login details.... … we have a winner!now if I could only remember my login details.... lol.thanks for your help everyone :)repped xxx

    my user id is 3 letters followed by 5 numbers if that helps


    if you have forgot youusername or password just contact them

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    managed to get in ok, yay. filled in the questionairre and all is well in the world... (umm) lol

    Hopefully I'll get some more freebies soon!!

    Thanks for your help peeps :-)
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