HELPPPPPP!! urgent!!

    How do i send payment from natwest to paypal?


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    please helppp

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    Youll need to log into your paypal account and select my account then add funds (this is assuming that your paypal account is already set up and linked to your bank account) However this takes 5-7 working days.
    if you need to send funds to someone why not do it by bank transfer, or alternatively ask them to send you a paypal invoice which will withdraw the money from your account when you pay them through paypal.


    log into paypal

    go to profile

    and add/remove bank account

    add your bank, once done, your paypal account will be able to send money

    All of which takes time. Paypal drives me nuts

    Other quick option is to link your Credit card to paypal - and basically when you pay by paypal they take the money out of your credit card

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    All done, thanks everyone
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