Helpppppppp! Pretty please with a cherry on top.

    Ok. I've just bought a cable to connect my PC to the TV. I've managed to get it up and running, but there seems to be a rolling flicker over the top of the picture. I'm wondering if this is how it is when it's just a carpy CRT TV, or maybe the connectors I have are no good? or maybe there's a setting I've missed?

    The picture itself isn't too bad, perfectly watchable, just the flicker over the top is annoying and it's there before I even set the TV to be the 2nd monitor.

    Any help is appreciated by me, and by karma....


    If possible, try changing the refresh rate to 60hz or lower :thumbsup:

    Crt tv's dont look very good connected to a pc. I had to use one when my monitor died once.

    Was just about the say the same, turn down the refresh rate :thumbsup:

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    Thanks for your help. I've checked the refresh rate and its 60 on main monitor, and only 30 on tv set up, so not really sure lol.

    I knew crt wouldn't look great, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something simple.

    Wish I could afford a nice 52" HDTV lol

    The crt tv should be 50 or 60hz i think.

    it should still look ok on a CRT, what TV have you got?
    If it the signal your sending to your telly is only 30hz, try turning it upto 50hz.

    Did you get it sorted?
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