will someone please help me? i got one of those digital photo frames from ebuyer the other day - it came this morning, im trying to put some of my fav pics onto the sd card via the pc and cant seem to do it - each time i put some on then put it back into the camera it says no images found - what do i need to do? please advise, clare x


Have you formatted the card at all? Better still can you format the card whilst its in the photo frame?

Are the pics on the card, but in a folder? Certainly for cameras there is a default folder where the camera looks for photos - you can view photos that are in other folders but need to go through the menu to 'point to' the folder you want to use.

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ive done it - when it goes back into the camera it seems that there is nothing on the card - but there is if you know what i mean. anyway - there are now pics on the new photo frame thingy - looks quite good - cant seem to get a good contrast/brightness/colour balance tho -

thanks guys, clare x

I had this problem once with a pro duo card that i plugged in to the pc, but because i hadn't disconnected properly (just pulled it put) it showed that there was nothing on the card.
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