help...Skullcandy SC-BHESH07 Hesh Headphones (Black) ... Broke ... return ????

    I recentley purchased a set of Skullcandy SC-BHESH07 Hesh Headphones (Black)
    from, on the 29/07/08, One of the speakers has just packed in ...
    I contacted but told me that need to contact Skull candy Direct. because had them over 20 days....Checked Skullcandys EU website which states to go back to retailer..
    It appears that Skullcandy has only distributors listed for the UK...
    Is anyone out there had any dealings with either of these companies, if so could direct me on how best to get the phones fixed...Thanks


    I'm sure they was something on the packaging about getting a free replacement or something along those lines. Have a look and see what it says.

    Not good....

    I just ordered 2 skullcandy/Metallica headphone sets literally this morning! - coming from the states.

    Don't tell me stories like this bro.

    had the same from play 2day got the number and when i called they said that is the retailers responsability
    call play and tell them and say to check if is 1 of the few exceptions or just say u called and they said is the retailer that deals with
    play have sent me an email with a code and iv just sent back they even refund you the postage m8
    hope this helps:thumbsup:
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